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Nicola Grace – Visionary, Thought Leader, Social Entrepreneur & Quantum Activist

“At the end of the pivotal year of 2012, when I realized I had consulted to over 1,000 professionals and business owners wanting to start a new business that changed the world, I had a big vision. As it flashed before me I began to see many dots join together to create a world of magnificence. Far from the prophets of doom and gloom where economic collapse and disasters would force humanity to be born a-new, I saw a peaceful and joyous transition into what Ekhardt Tolle has called The New Earth, through higher purpose driven businesses and entrepreneurial activism.

I saw that each and everyone of us born into this time of Great Awakening had a very specific life mission to fulfil. The process of fulfilling that mission and purpose is the vehicle to mass self realization and the experience of ourselves as ultimate creators, not only of our personal reality but of the world reality and its systems.

The fulfilment of the mission milestones within that big life mission IS the pathway to a peaceful transition into the Golden Age where our world becomes more loving, kind, equitable, sustainable and magnificent for ALL of humanity, and for the creatures and planet under our care.

In this new Golden Age, Peace allows creations of wonderment because we have overcome our addiction to pain and suffering as a vehicle of growth. Joy, pleasure of creating wonderment, love for expansion, inspired curiosity, all become the motivators for ever increasing creations of magnificence as we reach our highest potential as a Humanity.

The past five years in my role as The Mission Mentor, helping entrepreneurs clarify and monetize their missions to change the world, my original vision at the end of 2012 has begun to fill out and more is being revealed about the HOW to achieve this Peaceful Transition. Three years ago I began to see how everyone’s life mission falls into a collection of categories that tackle world problems and systemic blocks to world peace. I found it interesting that within a year of that observation an initiate of The United Nations committed to what’s known as The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is all about transforming our world by 2030 by solving 17 of the world’s most pressing problems.

However, in my work with Changemakers, I’ve come to see that there are at least 4 problems either not on the list of The Sustainable Development Goals or not adequately represented, including:

  1. The end to all forms of slavery,
  2. Equality not just for women but for all including animals and our planet,
  3. Governance and it’s corporate corruption,
  4. The wider issue of violence and religious violence as well as
  5. Renewable free energy.

It’s not surprising that these ideas are missing or under-represented in the GSG chart as it is very difficult for a picture to examine itself within a frame.Even more difficult for governments and their bureacracies to acknowledge they are in-part creators and supporters of the many problems they seek to solve. Nevertheless when I’m working to help changemaker entrepreneurs discovery their life mission and the problem they’ve come here to solve, I see this whole other category of system change across a number of issues. And so I’ve come up with my own Global Changemaker Missions for Peaceful Transition and the corresponder Mission Mojo Avatars.

The more people I’ve taken through this process the more I see how everyone’s life missions fit into 1 dominant Mission Mojo Avatar out of 21. Mission Mojo is the term I’ve used to describe the extra-ordinary you create when you’re fully aligned to your life’s mission and purpose. Your Mission Mojo Avatar is your place in The Human Renaissance – The unique flavour you bring to the Universal Picnic Table of Life that catalyzes Peaceful Transition into the Golden Age Of Prosperity For ALL. It is your path to enlightenment and self realization as Creator.

What would you do if you had all the money in the world…. I started asking what would you do if there were no pressing world problems to solve..? We’ve become accustomed to this idea that humans are problem solvers… 100% of the people answered they would create something awe-inspiring or magnificent. This is where I came up with the idea of Creative Wonderment – Creating Magnificence.

A revolution always starts with an Idea. Then you begin to see change precursors. Then the revolution. Example… Now financial , political , planetary – permaculture, education, robot leads us to a human renaissance when robots do everything what is the real purpose of humanity? I’ve answered that for myself – it is creative wonderment from a place of love and joy that asks with gusto, passion and curiosity – What Else Is Possible?

The Human Renaissance is all about seeding the idea that entrepreneurial activism, when aligned to one’s purpose and life mission, is a path to enlightenment and self realisation of yourself as Creator, capable of creating magnificence without walking down the long windy path of pain and suffering.

How cool is that? You get to follow your purpose and passion, and in the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur you wake up to the fact that you are Creator!