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For the longest time, much of humanity has suffered at the hands of its own mis-creating and belief in a dark force outside of themselves suppressing their prosperity, ingenuity and creativity.

This has lead to the firm entrenchment of the made up concept in humanitas – “That we must suffer and be challenged in order to grow and learn our lessons”.

This is the very psyche keeping humanity in the slumber of heirachical controlling structures that allows an industry to be as rich as the combined GDP of most countries, while a mother and father can’t afford a bowl of rice to feed their family so must suffer as they watch their children die.

Into this intennable state of affairs comes The Human Renaissance – A time of self realization in the human story where the experience of Self As Creator re-writes that story freeing itself from the belief in ‘suffering to grow’. Learning,¬†creating and growing now comes from pure love and joy as we take pleasure in the art and science of creating magnificence.

The Human Renaissance is Humanity reborn a-new to reach its originated created intention of creative wonderment through self realized Entrepreneurial Activism that brings about systemic change at every level of our being and experience.

  1. Creative Wonderment is growing from the joy of expansion because it feels better than growing from sufferring, conflict and constriction.
  2. Creative Wonderment is learning from wonderous curiosity because it’s more interesting and inspiring than learning from pain and “hard life lessons”.
  3. Creative Wonderment is the ultimate realization of humanity’s originated path to its higher potential as Creators seeking greater joy and pleasure derived from creating magnificence.

Pain and suffering is replaced with wonderment for what else is possible!